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Hope 2022

Badaguish Outdoor Centre
09-12 September

"Biblical hope not only desires something good for the future

- it expects it to happen."

The theme in this launch year is Hope. As we carefully considered our desire to start the Cairngorms Convention, and the need we perceive in our nation, we believe we need to share that hope – sure and certain, as expressed in the Bible –  with everyone, through the person of Jesus.


And we believe that we need to do this with confidence, proclaiming truth to the world around us. We may sometimes feel isolated where we live and where we work, but we are never without hope when we are in Christ.


Jeremy McQuoid will be teaching from Luke in the mornings, and showing us how Christ brings hope to our lives, and hope to our nation. The seminar speakers, preachers at the evening gathering, and leaders of the children and youth work will all be pointing towards this wonderful hope.

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