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18th and 19th August 2023

Join us in Edinburgh or Inverness for a live concert with Andrew Peterson.

Andrew Peterson is a singer-songwriter, an author, a filmmaker, and the founder of the Rabbit Room, a ministry dedicated to fostering spiritual formation and Christ-centred community through story, art, and music. He lives in Nashville with his wife and about 80,000 honey bees.


We invite you to come and worship with us as we enjoy an evening of beautiful music. Andrew's songs give voice to a faith that is firm in its grasp of the truth and yet honest in its experience of doubt and suffering. The result is a compelling portrait of Christianity in all of its messy glory.



18th August 2023, 7.30pm

Carrubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

Set in the heart of the city, this evening is also during the heart of the Edinburgh Festival. We're delighted to be welcoming Andrew at such a time, and celebrating his music, congregating as family, and adorning the darkness together.

19th August 2023, 7.30pm

Culduthel Christian Centre, Inverness

The Highlands are a place where Psalm 19 comes alive, and we can't help but listen to words poured out that proclaim God's handiwork. We'll praise with Andrew as we gather and gaze together at His beauty.

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